dear diary #3

dear diary,

mommy doesn’t know that i found you again so i can only write when she goes out. i know its been awhile but this is what happened last week:

1. on monday mr. dipple took me to the park and i saw a tree that was screaming.

2. on tuesday i stayed home and made a fish.

3. i don’t remember about wednesday. i asked mommy but she said i was bad.

4. on thursday i dreamed i was under water. there was music playing but i was scared.

5. tonight there’s gonna be a party. mr. dipple says it’s a special party and he’s going to take me. mommy might still find you so i won’t tell you where yet.

i think i hear mommy’s car in the driveway. i’ll see you soon! promise.

xoxo, -L.
tags: deardiary

  • freesia

    I was wondering where she'd gone.

  • ok that shit ain't right.


  • Loli

    OMG, I love it! Heehee!

  • Eglantine

    Rockin'! This one reminds me of Delirium from the Sandman series... nice work!

    Thanks for the ginger altoids BTW... yum...

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