dear diary #11

dear diary,
are you wondering where we are? we’re running away from home. i’m afraid of the wind monsters coming under the blankets and mommy doesn’t believe me when i tell her & i didn’t wanna spend the night in the basement again with the man with no mouth who talks from the hole in his chest, so when mr. dipple wasn’t looking i took you and a jar of peaches and miss sniffles and we’re all gonna move to filla-delfy-ah like i saw on tv. oh and a pencil too, or i wouldn’t be able to write!!
its getting dark but its not too cold and i like it better at night anyways. earlier i thought i saw the wood men following me with their water buckets but when i turned around there was nothing. tomorrow we’ll walk fast so we can get far away and hopefully they won’t see.
maybe we’ll find hannah again. wouldn’t that be the greatest?
goodnite and xoxo,
tags: deardiary

  • freesia

    You always reappear when I am missing you most.

  • Hi Loli! Long time no see...

  • Loli

    My computer is back, so this little fish swam straight to you. Oh joyous morning, oh happy day!

  • Love you Leslie. Drop us a note from the road.

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