dear diary #12

dear diary,

i’m sorry it’s been so long but the hollow man was always watching me and i knew he would take you away again if he saw so today after lunch while he was sleeping i crawled inside his head and stole his eyes. then i hid them in the salt-box. shh! it’s a secret.

i took his key and we’re outside now and it’s bright and my eyes hurt. i think we’re not actually in filla-delfy-ah after all because i can see mommy’s house from here. it’s not blue like i remember and the grass is all gone but i can hear the tin cats singing inside, just like the day we found tracy in the treasure chest.

i wonder what mommy will look like this time? i hope she will be pretty and sing to me.


tags: deardiary

  • sjon

    I like it ... reading it several times over ...

  • lori

    LOVE! LOVE!! LOVE!!!

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