dear diary #2

dear diary,

i’m grounded for the next four days. mommy says that what i did was wrong but she won’t tell the police this time. so far no one knows where it’s hidden but i’ll tell you now, just in case:

  1. H F 10 40 JL 0(F) | mfmkkk
  2. Ce F 18 00 J 25 ||| mfmkjkkk??
  3. D S 13 20 D 16 || mmkk
  4. Co S 17 05 EB 8 ||- mfmkkk
  5. D S 19 40 HS 30 ||| vjrnimrcbdkkkkdm
  6. D S 11 00 CP 10 || lrmfmrcppykkkl??
  7. H S 18 30 PP 0(J) ||| vmmkjpkkc?

that should be enough, so don’t forget! later i’ll tell you how to get inside.


tags: deardiary

  • aelita

    This is great. Your weblog is the first of my two latest web-addictions.

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    Anyways, I digress. You have a great style; the content is quite unique and I definitely appreciate that.

  • I'm so confused. Help me Mommy.

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