dear diary #9

dear diary,
yesterday i discovered a glass window in the back of tracy’s head and inside there was a blazing sun and an old tootsie pop. i ate the tootsie pop but later i took out the sun & instead i put all my secrets in my jewelry box and hid it there. she didn’t seem to notice so i think they are safe for now.
the inside of tracy’s head is dry and sticky like fruit roll-ups! eww!
i put the sun under my bed but it was too bright and i couldn’t fall asleep. mommy yelled at me this morning for not getting up on time so i threw it out the window & it rolled away but came back after lunch wearing a halloween mask. i think it’s trying to sneak back in. i don’t like the way it looks at me but i closed the curtain so it can’t see anymore.
i’m going to rip out this page and put it under my pillow so the police will know if anything happens. sorry if it hurts!
tags: deardiary

  • Hee, yay! ^^

  • Miranda

    More Leslie = yay! Yay, yay, yay!

  • Aww, thank you! *blush*

    I read about that a few days ago! It's a bit creepy reading his last words, but I guess that's how I'd like to go, if it's my time -- by sticking it to the man.

  • I love it when my newsfeed shows a new "Dear Diary" entry. I almost didn't read it so I could look forward to it all day!

    Once I read it (and loved it), the page under the pillow for the police reminded me a little of the blogger whose last entry helped the police catch his killer earlier this month.

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