dear diary #7

dear diary,
tracy & me got into a fight today because she wanted to sit with mrs. dooley at lunch and she wouldn’t listen when i said mrs. dooley only comes out of the trunk on mondays. i told her to sit with hannah instead but she just started yelling at me and ran to the trunk to open it. i didn’t want mommy to hear so i put my head in a bag and made the world go away.
when i came back out the trunk was still closed but tracy was gone. I TOLD HER SO not to bother mrs. dooley when it’s not monday, but she didn’t listen. now everything’s scratchy and sticky & i need to clean up or mommy will make me sleep in the basement again. i don’t like it there because it’s cold and the man with no eyes makes ticking noises all night.
hannah isn’t sitting right anymore. i tried to sit her up but i think she’s sick. mr. dipple always knows what to do so i’ll ask him about it tomorrow.
i miss tracy.
xoxo, -L.
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  • Loli

    LeDiva: Search the site for 'Dear Diary' to see the previous entries. L is a small child who allows us to view her world through entries in her diary.

    I am very addicted to the series, and like Miranda, my heart leaps when I see new posts.

  • LeDiva

    This is where I express confusion about these entries, but also admiration. Is there an intro to these I've missed?

  • miranda

    yayyy! yay! yay! yay!

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