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Turner Classic Movies is ringing in the new year with a Miyazaki retrospectiveSpirited Away and Princess Mononoke this Thursday, followed by Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, Whisper of the Heart. Of course, I love every last one of these films, but I wanted to call out the last two — they’re not as well known, but they’re definitely two of my favorites. Also on the slate for January are Takahata’s Only Yesterday and Pom Poko.

Just got Howl’s Moving Castle on disc in Vancouver, too, so this should be a full month of animated goodness. Mmm!

Speaking of goodness, I’m about to do some kitchen experimentation: grilled cheese sandwiches made with Beecher’s Flagship, maybe a splash of white truffle oil. We’ll see how it goes.

Update: sandwiches — best. thing. ever. so good!! the white truffle oil really does it.

Rain and wind on the New Year. I keep smelling phantom wood fires, cinnamon, caramel, cloves — probably memories of the recent spice rack reorganziation. I could make those smells real with a little bit of holiday baking, but I’d rather be huddled here, warm in PJs, blankets on the floor. Spending enough effort practicing, writing “2007” in my new moleskine.

I know I should be out attacking the year afresh, but the year can stand to start tomorrow.

Happy happy, everyone!

Finally, thanks to sugs for passing along a list that must have been compiled just for me:

Lots of pretty, pretty fun there to dive into.

  • nummy!

  • kalli

    Cha-ching, success!


  • kalli

    I have never heard of truffle oil...oh yum. I would even take a trip to Zabar's for some proper cheese if I had some of that!

    Hmm. Zabar's may have the oil too.

  • I didn't know about the Miyazaki retrospective! Thank you! Time to hook up the VCR again-some of those are pretty late. ^_^;;

    Also-how on earth do you make grilled cheese with a thick crumbly cheese like that? Do you just slice it really really thin?

  • emilisha

    i LOVE truffle oil. it's maybe my favorite thing ever.

  • Beecher's Flagship RULES!!!! My sister gave us some for Christmas brought direct from the Market. :)

    Howls Moving Castle on DVD? I'm so envious! Man, I live much too far from Canada now.

  • Oh, man. If only!

  • Kee

    Those sandwiches sound amazing. I tried to get a job at Beecher's recently but to no avail. They probably sensed I only wanted the discount on food :P

  • those games are pretty amazing!

    and a Miyazaki retrospective, it really will be a month of animated goodness :)

  • thanks for the heads-up on the Miyazaki movies. i haven't seen any but the first two.

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