Hungary Sweet


Oh! I forgot to mention the bottle of sweet Hungarian paprika I also got during last week’s trip to Penzeys, which I used in goulash today:


Just beef, onions, potatoes, bay leaves, paprika and salt in this. Oh, and egg dumplings, which were sorry & misshapen, but looks aside everything turned out pretty yummy. Am determined to use the whole cumin next — maybe chili…

In other news, New Mexico red chile (or at least whatever’s used at the Santa Fe Café in Phinney Ridge) seems to taste almost exactly like 고추가루. Who knew?

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  • That sounds like the best thing ever. Seriously.

  • Wow! That looks amazingly tasty-I may have to beg the recipie from you at some point. It looks delicious. Also-I'm incredibly jealous at your trip to Penzeys, it must have been fabulous. The last time I was so close to so many spices was when I worked for an IT firm a couple of years back and their building just happened to be right next to a McCormicks campus, with about a dozen different spice factory buildings. I'd come to werk every morning and the air would smell of paprika, I'd leave for lunch and it'd smell of mustard, and when I went home it'd smell like cinnamon. I really miss that place. ^^

  • Wow. That sounds really good, I'm going to have to try and make some.

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