Broken record


Thanks to kakumei, who grabbed these on a recent trip to Canada:

Dill Pickle Lay's Potato Chips
“Irresistibly Candian!

“Why are Lay’s Dill Pickle flavoured Potato Chips a true taste tradition? Because no Canadian can resist the tangy taste of Dill Pickle and the fresh taste of Lay’s Potato Chips! It’s a “Dill-icious” flavour Canadians love!”

I know they’re just Lay’s, but they’re really good! Tangy, like sea salt & vinegar potato chips, but more subtly, and with more complex seasonings — exactly like a good dill pickle should taste. If you’ve got a classier brand I should try, let me know! Or better yet, tell me how I can get a fast hookup when the inevitable cravings hit.

On the Pringles front, it seems that in Brazil and Italy, one can acquire paprika-flavored crisps, while Germans can get their hands on a spring onion & feta(!) variety. I have to try that last one…

Someone needs to start an Amazon.com for snack foods!

[update (2005/02/15) — Tim’s has dill pickle chips too! And they’re good.]

[update (2005/02/18) — pringle shots from flickr: French Consommé, Spring Onion & Feta, and a Pringles vending machine!]

I know it reads like all I’ve been writing about lately is food. There’s been a lot happening, honest! And I’ve got lots of other stuff to tell, too — I’ve just been waiting for things to settle down just enough so that I can sit down and organize my thoughts.

In the meantime, food isn’t all that bad, is it?

  • GreyArea

    um... I used to get these at the local supermarket in East Lansing. Couldn't eat too many at a time and I'm a plain salted person myself, but anyway, there were always available...

  • next time i am at the supermarket i shall take pringles photos for you. However my favourite new crisp is honey soy chicken - and i don't even like chicken flavour crisps.

  • matthew

    Is there anything else Canadians can't resist?

  • pastilla: thanks! and hi!

    pixel: you're always right, of course.

    phoenix: don't want to mislead you. but if you do try them and you like them, let me know. :)

    Found these Pringles just now too... I wonder where I can find them?

  • pixel

    Hey! Didn't I tell you they were amazingly delicious? They sell them at a tiny truck stop in Victorville, California, and anytime we pass through I buy them out. I keep a stash in the garage and break them out for special occasions. Could probably make some money importing them to San Diego, come to think of it.

  • pastilla

    If you liked the Lay's, you'll love the Canadian Old Dutch dills. They are more like Japanese potato chips, more subtly flavorful and natural-tasting.

    taquitos.com has a whole section on Canadian snacks! Gotta love a country that has ketchup chips named "Croustille Ketchup." >chuckle

    Nice blog, btw. Found you via phoenix.

  • This amuses me! I've been seeing them in the store for the past couple of visits, and I've been wanting to try them, but I can't bring myself to slap down 3 bucks for a big bag of something-i-dont-know-if-i'll-gag-over, you know?

    This endorsement might tip the scales. ^_^

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