Kitto katsu


Found at Candyland in Richmond:


Emily, of course, was first to let me know they existed, but I never expected to see them in the flesh. Should have known that Canada would be just the place to go — another example of how snack-deprived we are in the States!

My flickr friend hexion said this, in comments:

Children in Japan do not like green tea taste. However, the adult like green tea taste. I think that it is a thing like the bitter chocolate.
By the way, There is a custom of presenting “Kit kat” to the examinee in Japan. Because the pronunciation of “Kit kat” is near Japanese “Kitto katsu” that means “Win without fail”.

Kitto katsu!

They’re good; maybe a little too sweet, but not overwhelmingly so — about what you’d expect from a good green tea ice cream, but swirled with crispy KitKatty goodness. Since they’re imported from Japan, a little pricey, and then there’s that commute…

I know it seems tea’s been on my mind a lot lately, and you’d be right! Shaula over at tsuredzuregusa 徒然草 has a lovely entry on tea, for whose inspiration I can take some little, indirect credit (via Watermark & my Adagio Teas entry), which spurred a small tea shopping expedition: genmaicha is an old friend (this from Republic of Tea), wonderful and mellow, while lapsang souchong is a new acquaintance, smoky and nostalgic. I know a few of you vehemently dislike it — I wonder if it comes from not having often experienced warm winter fires on frozen nights, crackling & aromatic of charcoal, memories of which come flooding back to me as I sip. How could you not love?

And from janjan, word of her own Adagio reward, which sounds amazing — but I need to watch myself. Finish the tea you’ve got first, yukino.

More KitKats

  • Well, oddly enough, I remember reading in an interview with the brilliant green how the music industry in Japan is terrible for artists when compared with the system in America. And we all know how the system is pretty bad in America (crackdowns on piracy, corporatization of radio, etc), so it must be pretty darn terrible in Japan.

    If you're interested, you can read the article here: http://www.chachacharming.c...

  • Probably says worlds about the respective coolnesses of the music industries here and there... Also, I have no idea how popular Kit Kats are in the US -- I mean, I really like them but who knows why we don't get any of the yummy varieties found elsewhere?

    bhikku: fish tea? Maybe they had some bad lapsang. :)

  • I just read that in Japan, they're packaging new 8cm CD singles (arashi and v6?) with Kit Kat bars now to help slumping CD sales. Why they can't do things like this in the US I still do not understand.

  • When we were young orientalist posers at college we drank a lot of lapsang - it was referred to by some naysayers as 'fish tea'.

  • shadows

    Yum! Maybe they'll have them in Toronto when I stop by there in a few weeks!

  • So glad you found them in CA; as soon as I went looking for them here, they disappeared from the shelves. I wonder if they weren't a seasonal item....

  • lori

    Wow, another reason to visit Van again. The candy looks intriguing. Inspy turned me on to genmaicha, but lapsang souchong has been a fav for ages. It is an excellent dinner tea.

  • I've already said the commute can be taken out by simply placing your orders with me. I'll send you care packages no problem.

    Even though you clearly go to Van without making any attempt to visit me in Victoria at all.

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