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I dreamed last night that Andrew Lloyd Webber asked me (oddly, in the aisles of a hardware store) if I would rewrite the entire libretto of Sunset Boulevard. I wonder: if I hadn’t woken up shortly thereafter, would I have had the chutzpah to tell him that it wouldn’t nearly be enough to save that show?

Add one more item to the fitness regimen: Finally bought DDR Max and two “Dance Pad Revolution 2” (“Wow! Lights-up!”) controllers. Haven’t yet had the opportunity to play but the anticipation is building up. Wishing I had a Dreamcast so that I can dance to my favorites (e.g. “Boys” and “Butterfly,” among others), but 65+ songs sounds fabulously promising!

A long way off yet to wowing the aisles at Gameworks, but maybe someday…!

It’s only Saturday night, but I’ve already seen four movies this weekend. Started off with Donnie Darko, which Eglantine has been recommending for months, and can happily report that it was fantastic, at once totally disturbing and very funny. Last year’s The Importance of Being Earnest was utter fluff, but incredibly entertaining in its fluffiness (of course, I’m a complete sucker for costume romantic comedies). Insomnia the remake didn’t quite measure up to Insomnia the original, but that might have been because I saw the original first. At any rate, I far preferred the bleaker, redemptionless ending of the older film.

All that was yesterday! Today was totally about eye candy, with Queen of the Damned (not that there’s anything wrong with eye candy!). However: Stuart Townsend may be pretty beyond words, but good lord was Viggo such a better choice for Aragorn!

The tragic list of things that contain processed sugar: Sririacha chili sauce. Salada senbei crackers. Giant Tomato Pretz. Haagen-dazs mango sorbet. In fact, seemingly anything containing mango, or (as discovered way back) cranberries.

Lapses so far include: one (Canadian) Smartie. one dollop of Russian dressing on a salad. a bite-sized piece of muffin that I had thought was a bite-sized piece of bagel.

Still feeling good about everything, except when I’m dragged into places like Cold Stone, cruel torture indeed! Didn’t realize how strong it was, this olfactory idea of sweetness, until it became taboo.

via The Seattle Times: “Beatles Tapes, Stolen in ’70s, Said Found

Police appear to have recovered about 500 original Beatles tapes that were stolen in the 1970s, including some never-released tracks, during raids on members of a piracy racket in England and the Netherlands.


trackjack is blogging again! Yay!

  • Jaen

    Ooh, I wanna hear how ddrmax is! I'm thinking about getting it.

  • Snapple (tm) diet Cran-Raspberry juice drink contains NO SUGAR! Which is why I drink it almost exclusively now. Of course, it probably doesn't have all that much cranberry in it either...

    BTW, thanks for checking my blog!

  • TheCheerfulOne

    Dunno...I think that toothy grin Aaliyah was sporting through much of the movie kinda took away from her look...I started to wonder if all those props she had in there were just preventing her from ever closing her mouth...thank goodness there was no drooling involved...*wince*

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