Apple’s announcements from MacWorld are out, with lots of shiny & pretty to look at. Included is a long-awaited “budget” version of iPod called iPod Shuffle, which caused a bit of a double-take when I read about it. You have to see the promotional spin on this device to fully appreciate the genius of its marketing. What Apple has done here is to cut costs by removing functionality taken for granted on every other portable music player — the ability to browse for and play a specific song at any time — and turned it into a saleable feature. No LCD + barely any form of navigation = well, not exactly iPod, but something new. We’ll have to see if marketing pushes iPod Shuffle from experiment to the zeitgeist, but if it does who knows what’s next?

TV Shuffle? Fashion shuffle? Vacation shuffle?

Where will you go this summer? Paris? Vienna? Kabul? Check your bags. Board the plane. See where it takes you!

Oh, but Mac mini! So definitely hot!

  • It's not exactly underpowered. A 1.25GHz G4 is plenty fast - I do lots of development work on my old trusty 1GHz PowerBook G4. And it plays Worlds of WarCraft - what more could you want?

    As for the shuffling - I did vacation shuffle a couple of times. Quite nice. Wish somebody in the states would actually offer that...

  • Just hitting shuffle is pretty much how I use my MP3 player anyhow. I never go actively looking for a song. I do, however, like to be able to look at the name of a song I'm listening to...

    My first impression on the mac mini was summed up best by a statement my co-worker made: "Just what I need, a $500 underpowered piece of shit that I can't upgrade." Upon thinking about it more, though, it might be just the thing for a media center computer (if I didn't already have one I could use), or in the dashboard of my car where my CD player currently sits, etc.

  • Shuffle-work, you come in to work and you get completely unexpected jobs.

    That MiniMac looks tempting ...

  • "Do not eat iPod Shuffle"

    Damn, and it looked so tasty too!

    (check out the bottom of iPod shuffle web page)

  • I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.

    Qantas used to do something like that, IIRC. $25, show up at the airport with packed bags for the weekend.

    I wish someone did that in the US.

    I wish I had an iPod.

    If wishes were horses, beggars would remix Eminem songs.

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