The Magnificent (sp)Ambersons


Did I seriously just get referer-spammed by the Sharpton campaign?

I don’t know how I got on this Christian singles spam list either, but on how many levels am I so the wrong audience for this?

  • yukino

    No, I've been spammed by iaea.org too. How bizarre!

  • miranda

    So the "B." stands for "Beelzebub," does it? Har har!

  • Woo Satan!

    I've been referrer-spammed by http://www.iaea.org. No, it makes no sense. Maybe it's a buggy browser.

  • I've been referrer-spammed by the Joe Lieberman and Carol Mosley Braun campaigns for the last couple months now. And the Paris Hilton sex tape.

    Viva democracy!

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