This will be about snacking


This will be about snacking.

But it’s not like I’ve been stuffing my face! I’ve just had these things on the backlog for awhile and now that I’m sick — well, it’s as good a time for miscellany as any…


This is Tim’s Cascade’s latest limited edition variety, which is the Best Thing Ever. Nice amount of sinus-clearing wasabi bite per chip, plus the palpable crunch for which Tim’s is known makes for a decidedly different snack! Wish the timer wasn’t ticking — but you can still get them right now at most any northwest grocery. Time to stock up?

Canada seems to be the place to get the best flavors of potato chips these days. When I was in middle school back in the midwest, I remember that you could get interesting varieties of Snyder’s of Hanover chips in vending machines, including salt & vinegar (which was still exotic to me at the time), ketchup, dill pickle, and pizza flavors. Alas, the company seems to have gone pretzel-only and I haven’t seen anything like them since on this side of the border. In Canada, though, you can get all that and more! And also these:


Ketchup Pringles! SO genius!

If you haven’t tried ketchup-flavored potato chips, you might be recoiling in horror right now. I did too, once. But they’re actually wickedly addictive once you get into them (haven’t tried dill pickle so far but I can imagine a similar effect).


On the candy front, Canadians love their KitKats. White chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, KitKats of various thicknesses and lengths — they’re all available up there. Strawberry KitKats, something like a candy bar made of strawberry and milk chocolate Pocky sticks mashed into a rectangular mold, may just be the best of them all. Yummy!

[Emily tells me there are Green Tea KitKats in Japan. Heavens!]

There are Vanilla Smarties now too!

Seems like I’ve only been to Vancouver once in the past year, which should be a crime. Looks like I’ll either have to change that trend or find a friendly supplier to help me out — but for my sake, only at a trickle! Can’t have too much of this kind of good thing, after all.

Hope that was somewhat interesting for you. Off to try and get well!

More KitKats

  • Aster

    Mmmm, Canadian candy. Even the regular KitKats taste better in Canada. And vanilla Smarties... well, this I have to see.

  • SB

    Mmm, I love Tim's, and I would no doubt love dark chocolate KitKats, too -- if I could get them.

    Be better!

  • loliinspired

    Snyder of Hanover is my second favorite snack brand! (#1 is Hapi Snacks- yum!)

  • LeDiva

    Green tea Kit-Kats! Yes!

    A friend of mine gave me a package at a con a couple weekends ago.

    Damn, those were good.

  • Oooh!

    No ketchup chips, though. Too bad. But they still have the dill pickle flavor...

  • Tasty! Wow-so many delicious treats available a bit further North...makes me miss my family in Nova Scotia...or their candy and snacks, at least. ^_^

  • geegaw

    Wasabi chips! Yeah! One more reason to visit Seattle...

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