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Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake KitKats

Strawberry cheesecake! We’ve tried a bunch of cheesecake flavors before (pumpkin, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry), as well as at least four other strawberry varieties. The ones that haven’t been too sweet have been very good. How do these measure up?

These are another regional specialty from the motherlode box. I’m not exactly sure how Yokohama is known for strawberry cheesecake, but it seems like their variety is probably not too different from your standard version, at least if the flavor of the KitKats are to be trusted. I’m not sure these aren’t exactly the same as the other strawberry cheesecake bars from four years ago. The chocolate coating is very pale pink — almost white — with a slightly tangy fragrance that doesn’t really translate to the flavor. There is just the tiniest hint of tartness, and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be from the cheese or the fruit, and it doesn’t really remind me of strawberry at all. And mostly, it’s just sweet. Too sweet.

Guess that seals the deal?

So far the winner of the cheesecake KitKats is not even a cheesecake at all, but European Cheese, which is also still the weirdest flavor I’ve ever had. And for strawberry, I think I put the Takagi Strawberry Tarte on top, although there’s still a strawberry something-something in the ‘lode. We’ll see that soon enough, promise!

Also, may I just say I appreciate that Nestle’s packaging these things in 69-calorie servings? My waistline is grateful.

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