The December ’11 KitKat Report


Wandering around Uwajimaya today looking for Italian chestnuts and Buddha’s Hand citron, I found a bag of these KitKats. So cute! So surprise, you get a blog entry!



Pumpkin Cheesecake KitKats

So my favorite Pocky flavor ever is pumpkin, so I was super happy to see these. First of all, you have to notice the adorable packaging! The Pocky was cute too — I didn’t even really know Halloween was a thing in Japan, but I’m happy for it.

The flavor is basically white chocolate, and — nothing. I actually didn’t taste anything pumpkiny or cheesecakey at all here. The latter wasn’t a huge surprise because the previous cheesecake flavors we’ve covered (blueberry and strawberry) didn’t have much tang either (contrast this with the gourmet cheese flavor, which was nice). Not tasting pumpkin, though, was a huge disappointment. Oh, well, white chocolate is never really a bad idea, so these certainly won’t go to waste.

I realize these have been few and far between. Have not made it north of the border in awhile, which is my usual source. Maybe in January!

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • Yay, a new post! Boo, so many flavors falling into the "actually tastes like white chocolate" category.

  • The latest one I tried was intentionally white chocolate, and actually good! I'll post about it soon. You might actually like them too, they seem relatively easy to find and like the KitKat equivalent of "Men's Pocky."

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