Muffins and near-misses


A New York kind of Sunday, starting with $10.25 for a morning ticket to Return of the King, which I still adore but sadly slept through most of. Then a short bus ride and a trek through the snow to Mara’s Homemade, a wonderful little brunch eatery with coffee barrels for tables and de la Vega on the walls (plus check out the Indian menu!). Plus, unexpectedly dining at the next table was Wendy Ip, whose entire discography was right next to me on the lovely iPod! Was too star-struck by this sudden celebrity encounter to do anything about it, though I did call my little brother to share the news. He was probably more excited than me, and seemed really dismayed that I didn’t talk to her.

Certainly a treat to see matter eater lad and E., who may someday forgive me for snoozing through Frodo and Sam’s adventures. Sorry, guys!

Speaking of which, Howard Shore will be through Seattle in July, performing his Lord of the Rings Trilogy: A Symphony in Six Movements. Think it’s time to become a patron of the arts again?

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