Backlog KitKat Report #3


A journey from bitter to sweet, this time.


Semisweet KitKats

Pretty much exactly what it says it is — darker & more distinct than the easier-to-find dark chocolate flavor, with a bittersweetness reminiscent of 70% cacao bars. Liked it v. much, but felt it was something to be enjoyed at a measured pace, by a fireside, a glass of port nearby. But something tells me you’re not going to do that.


Raspberry & Passionfruit KitKats

These came in two different boxes, brown and pink, with a design that makes me think of Valentine’s Day (similar to last year’s lemon variety). Like most Japanese KitKats, the box has a place for you to write little To: and From: labels, but let’s face it, unless you’re dating me, KitKats are not a very good Valentine’s Day gift. So! Let’s talk flavor.

The bars themselves are coated in dark chocolate (sweeter than the semisweet, but still fairly intense). I’m really not a fan of passionfruit, and these KitKats didn’t change my mind. The bitterness of the chocolate and the astringency of the passionfruit combined in a really unappealing way for me — almost exactly like cheap, dark chocolate cherry cordials, especially the unpleasant oozy pink stuff inside. Yuck!

On the other hand:


Framboise KitKats

Similar concept, but so much better! Milk chocolate and a lack of icky passionfruit result in a much more balanced, sweet flavor. The box seems to indicate that this is supposed to taste like raspberry cheesecake, but I didn’t really get that — certainly not to the extent of the blueberry and strawberry cheesecake KitKats from last year (to be reviewed, maybe?). I certainly didn’t miss it, though.

Verdict? Would eat again. And possibly again after that.

There you go — #3. How long can I string together KitKat entries? Any guesses?

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • wow, you keep finding way more interesting kitkats than me! I'm fascinated by the Framboise one, although it sounds like it didn't taste so good :(

  • Framboise was good! It was the raspberry/passion I didn't like.

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