and, fallen


Oh, but it’s so hard to move him, when he’s no interest in going, even if he knows he needs to go. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it seems nothing short of an army will do, and you form your army, & forget to put it away when it’s not important anymore. so you use it to wash the bathroom, or grill a hamburger, which only makes for too much hamburger. Or not enough.

You keep telling yourself you’re just looking out for someone, and you forget how it is you ever asked for anything without making it a goddamned ultimatum, and well. It may be what works, but it’s all too easy to miss where a relationship of push and pull becomes one of pull, pull, pull. and that’s no good for anyone involved.

So, I’m sorry. Deeply. Because I never wanted to hurt you.

And i’ll retire that army, for good, and that means I won’t pester you about those little things. But it means I can’t be there for the big things either. Because I go in too deep, and I love too much, and






A gift from Beijing


In forested paludal basins


What are your favorite and least favorite words? Any reasons why?

I’ve never really thought about this in an organized way, but give me a word that sounds beautiful, looks beautiful, and has an intriguing & memorable definition, and I’m hooked.

To wit (and with help from answers.com):


syn·aes·the·sia (sĭn’ĭs-thēzhə)

  1. A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color.
  2. A sensation felt in one part of the body as a result of stimulus applied to another, as in referred pain.
  3. The description of one kind of sense impression by using words that normally describe another


pal·imp·sest (pălĭmp-sĕst’)

  1. A manuscript, typically of papyrus or parchment, that has been written on more than once, with the earlier writing incompletely erased and often legible.
  2. An object, place, or area that reflects its history: “Spaniards in the sixteenth century … saw an ocean moving south … through a palimpsest of bayous and distributary streams in forested paludal basins” (John McPhee).

I really don’t have any least favorites… If it was worth turning into a word, it’s probably worth being a word, if for no other reason than posterity.


The modern language

Seen on the front of a 7-Eleven on Granville St. in Vancouver:

New! Cranberry Slurpee! It bites!

Has this really been out of the vernacular long enough to be reclaiming it?



Saturday excursion to Vancouver, joining friends who were already engaged in a decadent weekend of consumption: first, lunch at Feenie’s in Kitsilano, which is the comfort food-inspired sister restaurant to Lumière, located next door. My very first experience with poutine, which I learned about at Pommes Frites in Manhattan but never had a chance to try. These are hand cut potato fries with cheese curds and brown gravy, totally over-the-top and delicious. Paired with a truly excellent hamburger and a peach-raspberry smoothie, lunch really hit the spot. Topped this off with cupcakes from a bakery down the street.


And then, after several hours of recovery, dinner! Which was the tasting menu at West (formerly Ouest); eight divine courses, including: tomato gazpacho with prawn salad; scallop ceviche with mango & avocado purée; parfait of foie gras with apple jelly on fruit bread (oh god, this was good!); and ever more and more. Four hours at dinner made for a very late drive back to Seattle — but so worth it.

For posterity, the menu:



The August ’06 KitKat Report


Found these at the local British Pantry: golden caramel and tiramisu flavored “KitKat editions” candy bars. They’re each roughly the size of a Big Kat, most of an inch thick, and the wrapper is matte and very classy (especially love the typog!). Of the two, tiramisu is definitely more distinctive, & really an authentic reproduction of the dessert’s flavor. I’m hard-pressed to figure out what makes golden caramel different from plain old, but — as you all know — I am in thrall to caramel and cannot find fault in it.

Of course, these are from the UK, and typically, all good KitKat varieties originate overseas. This is because Nestle owns the worldwide KitKat market, having acquired Rowntree, the original makers, in the sixties. However, in the United States, Hershey’s has rights due to prior licensing, and supplies the domestic market. Hence, no green tea, no coconut, no “wine” and “noir” boutique flavors — and definitely no azuki bean! — here.

Although, wonder of wonders, Hershey’s does list a few limited edition flavors on its  KitKat product site. No telling if they’re still current, but if anyone does find orange creme* or milkshake out in the wild, please let me know!

* I have tried regular orange kitkats, and was decidedly unimpressed. My personal favorite? Strawberry!

More KitKats


Vox Hunt: Stuck on you

Take a picture of something that someone put a sticker on.

Always liked this one:


We put in a new kitchen faucet yesterday (obviously the one that lifted off of the sink when the water was on had to go, and fast), though I think all that loose rust made me break out in hives. Still! We have a lovely, high-arch stainless steel faucet now.

Yes, I realize how mundane this is, but the kitchen is my happy place (now, if we only had new countertops!).


Vox Hunt: That rules

Show us some rules.


This was in a beautiful, old, very large gothic church in New York City (which wasn’t St. Patrick’s). There were only five of us so i wasn’t worried, but I still don’t understand. I seem to remember a performance broke out soon thereafter — Mozart’s Requiem? Don’t recall, exactly, this was 1996 — so it’s possible that at least one of the rules was being broken that night. But what’s a little fire hazard in the name of great music?


I’m such a nerd because…

… I’m enjoying reading Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog (current entry: “Serpentes on a Shippe!”) waaay too much:

Spoyler alert: If ye haue nat yet sene the performaunce of ‘Serpentes on a Shippe,’ rede nat of the romaunce, for it doth telle of the manye suprises and straunge eventes that happen in the course of the storye, and thus it mayhap shall lessen yower enjoiement of the performaunce yt self.

Besides that, though, there’s absolutely nothing nerdy about me. at all.

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