Saturday excursion to Vancouver, joining friends who were already engaged in a decadent weekend of consumption: first, lunch at Feenie’s in Kitsilano, which is the comfort food-inspired sister restaurant to Lumière, located next door. My very first experience with poutine, which I learned about at Pommes Frites in Manhattan but never had a chance to try. These are hand cut potato fries with cheese curds and brown gravy, totally over-the-top and delicious. Paired with a truly excellent hamburger and a peach-raspberry smoothie, lunch really hit the spot. Topped this off with cupcakes from a bakery down the street.


And then, after several hours of recovery, dinner! Which was the tasting menu at West (formerly Ouest); eight divine courses, including: tomato gazpacho with prawn salad; scallop ceviche with mango & avocado purée; parfait of foie gras with apple jelly on fruit bread (oh god, this was good!); and ever more and more. Four hours at dinner made for a very late drive back to Seattle — but so worth it.

For posterity, the menu:


  • [this is good] Looks yummy

  • sjon

    Hmm, it sharpens my appetite (or my lust for food maybe ...) got to try making some of that

  • /me drools

  • pastilla

    Vancouver is such a good place to splurge, too.

    (Your poutine looks remarkably more elegant than Trippy's)

  • I haven't had poutine since I was a kid visiting family in Nova Scotia. :( Living on the East coast of the US kind of puts a damper on the desire for such things. I see this photo and I desperately want some, but know there's no where in the vicinity of where anyone would even know what I'm referring to. :(

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