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Surprised and delighted to discover in my mailbox more lovely freebies from Adagio Teas:

[Adagio amoroso]

Inside, another box of four 1 oz. samplers to match the first, with infusions of lime, cream, chocolate and “valentines” (mmm, chocolate-dipped strawberries, heaven!).

The gift that keeps on giving!

Am sipping a freshly-brewed cup of the lime as I type — subtle, refreshing, would probably make an excellent iced too. Will likely have to order a real-sized tin v. soon.

In other news, I’ve begun to foster an intense hatred for this new bathroom scale. Just what everyone needs, a new daily source of despair.

You must check out Utata.org right now for all sorts of fabulous goodness, not least of which is: trains!

(But this is Catherine Jamieson’s brainchild, so this should be no surprise at all)

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  • I have to admit, I have now also fallen in love with Adagio. What a wonderful little company!

  • Pretty! The set looks like it's trying to look like Koryo dynasty "blue" celadon, which Korea was famous for at the time.

  • The Tea! (With corresponding Korean tea set (in the style of an important Korean historical period (too bad I can never remember any of the specifics)))


  • Hmm, Louis -- you'll have to let me know what it is! I don't know that I ran into a lot of green tea when I was in Korea. Most places served &#48372&#47532&#52264 ("boricha"), a very mild barley tea. Either that or all out booze!

    Ana: isn't it, though? ^^

  • Ana

    Thanks for the link to utata --hadn't seen that before. Very neat site!

  • My brother-in-law brought back some very good green tea from Korea. That made me think of you. :) It is mild and lightly sweet - on the package it said that children and old people particularly like it. I'll have to get the name and a better description when I get home. :)

  • I haven't had a chance to try the others yet! Got some more oolong, so that's been occupying my attention, but the valentine's is calling me. Oh, yes. Not long now.

  • I was so pleased with my tea sampler :)

  • Congrats on the Utata credit! Your work should appear on more sites. The world needs more images as seen by yuki!

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