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A hearty hello to July after a very eventful weekend!

First off, the wedding was beautiful. Fortune was smiling because despite repeated warnings and forecasts of rain, it ended up being a perfectly sunny day. Both bride and groom were gorgeously attired and everything went off without a hitch (other than the emcee of the reception forgetting his notes for the evening). Many photos were taken, especially at Queen Elizabeth Park after the ceremony, but all of mine were taken on 35mm (alas, forgot to grab my digicam on the way out the door) so there’s nothing I can post right now.

This was only the second wedding I’ve attended as a guest, and the first Chinese-style one. B. tells me that the games during the reception were pretty tame, which was probably best for all concerned. Anyways, it was a lot of fun.

Okay, enough gushing about things like marriage! I’ll put that subject aside so that I can wax eloquent about Ruby Beach, the destination of Sunday’s road trip. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most ethereally beautiful place on earth; I’ve been there maybe a dozen times and it’s never looked the same twice. Yesterday was no exception, though at first it appeared that we’d be disappointed.

When we arrived at Port Angeles, it had already been rainy and gray for a couple hours. The man at the Olympic National Park Visitor Center told us that Hurricane Ridge was fogged over and that the weather around the park was pretty uniformly blah. This dampened our moods somewhat but we continued our way around the peninsula.

About twenty miles west of Lake Crescent (also a place of much beauty), clouds began giving way to sunlight. When we reached the beach the sky was mostly blue with some nice cloud formations and no sign of rain at all, so we hunkered down to prepare for what proved to be an excellent sunset. Someday I’ll get around to making a serious web-presentation of my photos from Ruby Beach over the years, after I figure out which ones will make the cut.

Anyways, there’s the weekend in a (larger than I expected) nutshell. Relevant stats: 12 courses. 5 balloons popped. 700 miles driven. 3 DVDs purchased (0 legit). 0 car breakins. 0 lost passports. Lots of happy folks. Cheers!

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