There’s a certain perversity (or is it defeatism?) to walking up to a checkout counter holding a fancy new electronic bathroom scale — complete with body fat monitor — in one hand, and a large bag of Almond Roca candies in the other.

So, a dilemma: which do I open first? Because, so help me, only one is going to see action tonight. This is still irony, not tragedy, after all.

By the way, I’ve had trains on my mind lately:

[Fire car valve]
Making Tracks, a flickr photoset

Secret project — for now!

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  • Sorry... my eyes are failing me and I've not yet begun to live! :(

  • Vanlal: Nose ring? Huh?

    Kalle, dear: All that stuff is already listed on that evil chart on the back of the bag, don'cha know?

    sjon: Hee, Isn't that always the way?

    Miranda: I'm not saying I don't hate this bathroom scale already..! But the almond roca? Yes, please.

    Louis: Yum! Maybe I should try making it once, just to see how much evil stuff goes into it first hand. That might cure me of it. :)

    On the other hand, the smell of butter toffee on the stove...

    em0: ooh, thanky!

  • ya yukino,

    such a sweet set of snoqualmie pics eh! i've been adverting them to alla my friends.

  • Mmmm. Almond Roca. My grandma use to make it every year for Christmas. Fond memories and delicious candy. :)

  • Miranda

    It's a funny thing, I hate Almond Roca, almost as much as I hate my bathroom scale. Have fun with both of them ;)...


  • You can now weigh the candy before eating it. Then see that physics has it all wrong. You eat one pound of candy and your weight goes up by five ponds.

    But at least you have eaten the candy as a scientific experiment. (and you know those need to be repeated often :)

  • Kallese

    hmm...why not weigh the bag of candy on the scale, just to make sure it's all there ;)

  • And my good friend Charlotte says...

    Candy on the beach there's nothing better

    but I like candy when it's wrapped in leather

    And someday soon I'll make her mine

    And then I'll have candy all the time

    Go figure...

  • I'd pawn the weighing scale and use the money to hobo around the great Canadian Railroads with a song in my heart and a bag of candy for my tummy.

    when did your portrait grow a nose-ring .. or are my eyes deceiving me?

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