Things that are obvious


a) People who pooh-pooh the idea of spam & kimchi fried rice have absolutely no idea what they’re missing.

b) Rainier cherries are the best thing ever.

c) It’s impossible to walk out of a Harry & David store without buying anything, even if — and this is why we’re here, folks — you’re otherwise being really good about dieting.

d) Eastlake: still the most boring neighborhood.


[Starey oot]

Note to self: flashlight + eyeball = ouch!

f) I have absolutely nothing of interest to write about today.

  • Aster

    Spam, spam, kimchi, spam, rice, and spam. Er, could I have some without so much spam in it? I don't like spam!

    (But I do like that photograph - suffering for art and all that.)

  • The garbage cans? They were setting up for the 4th at Bellevue Downtown Park, there were cans everywhere!

    Kimchi fried rice. Yum. Best way to obtain it is to make it at home! (people, you are forgetting the Spam. Do not forget the Spam! It is key.)

    Miranda: ankles? Oh, the horror! But that's v. intriguing about A.B. -- do you think she'll get discounts? ^^

    I'm out of cherries! Ahh!

  • Oh, and what's up with the field of garbage cans?! I am baffled and amused.

  • Kimchi fried rice? That sounds good. Where can one obtain this delicacy?

    Apparantly the inherrent banality of Eastlake does not preclude interesting photographs.

  • Rainier cherries really are wonderful.

  • Miranda

    a) YEAH! I just had kimchi fried rice a couple weeks ago, for the first time, at Woorijip!

    b) I couldn't agree more!

    c) Guess where our friend J.G.'s wife-to-be's summer job is at?

    e) Excellent! More mini-body portraits pleez! (Ankle?)

    f) but you already did!

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