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I’ve been so long without pain that I’d almost forgotten — not the twinges and tingles and needles that line my daily existence, but that dull seeping ache which leaks in & drives out all other feeling until there’s no longer a line between body and mind, but a single, white-hot flame that cannot be ignored. And oh, I am broken, broken, like Frida and her skeleton of wirework and nails—

But no, I’m not there yet. I can feel it beginning, and I’m afraid.

I had meant to write about fireflies.

tags: affliction , health , pain

  • Hi, everyone, I'm feeling better now. Only had one really bad day, and it was nowhere near as bad as things've gotten in the past. Though I've run out of ibuprofen now.

    I hope to return to the fireflies soon.

    (and v.-- oh, I'm more broken than you know...)

  • While pain is unfortunately undeniable, I will always root for the fireflies to win. Fireflies rule!

  • You're not broken

    You are the most whole person I know

  • shadows

    :( Will the fireflies survive if you forget them?

  • Knowing pain myself, I really really hope whatever is bothering you subsides soon. Take care!

  • A three-day course of colchicine has really been helping me at times like these. I've had three attacks in the last two weeks and it's worked quite well to limit the duration each time — the third time, helping to stop it from ever getting truly awful.

  • SB


  • Miranda

    And take your goddamn medicine! Pleeeeeeeez!

  • Miranda

    Selva! Naughty Selva! Have you been following doctors' orders? Don't make me have to scold you!

  • pastilla

    : : cool, still waters : :

    : : healing hands : :

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