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[Alone time]
Alone time | New Haven, CT

Have taken a turn for the better, somehow — health crisis averted for now. Still, no sense taking chances, so I spent today mostly sedentary, reading about cherries and felting wool and echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters, the only surviving relatives of the platypus (warning: hatching baby echidna photo). Also started The Diary of Lady Murasaki.

I know it’s a horribly romanticized notion with little connection to reality, but I’ve always thought that if I’d had the chance to choose what era I could live in, that the life of a lady-in-waiting at the Heian court would be very appealing. But then, I’ve always felt (and have mentioned here before) a special affinity with Sei Shōnagon, planted at an early age. Oh, to have lived in an age of aesthetics! That’s the kind of decadence I can get behind. Being able to dress like Queen Amidala would be pure frosting.

I think the charm of tooth-black would wear thin very quickly, though.

  • Yes! Both of you!


    And Miranda: I knew there was a reason to try watching that movie again... :)

  • I'd rather dress like Bjork in the "It's Oh So Quiet" video, but I could definitely settle for Homogenic!

  • Miranda

    Pillow Book - I hear you. I do love that movie (Ewan McGregor in the buff, you know) but, I can't believe Greenaway could think for a second that people wouldn't notice that she was speaking Chinese instead of Japanese.

    Also, I'd rather dress like Bjork on the cover of Homogenic, but I could definitely settle for Queen Amidala!

  • Loli

    Chocolate flavored tooth black just for you, Kalle dear!

    Such a sweet picture, Yuki. :)

  • I cheated, I'm afraid. Added it after the fact. ^^;

    By the way, I'm going to use this space to just state that I really, really hated Peter Greenaway's movie of The Pillow Book. I was just agape at how wrong it was.

  • How did you get the vignetting on that photo?

  • Kallese: oooh, yum. Sign me up too. Dressup at night!

    Vanlal: ew, licorice!

  • Kallese

    Hmm...I think I've always dreamed of a place where I can run around naked all day and swim in blue pools and warm ocean...that would be heavenly! South Pacific, probably.

    I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Take it easy Selv.

  • Don't forget to practise your mincing Court voice. But licorice flavoured tooth black ...mmm.

    Take care...

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