Sore legs, but dodges sterility.


A couple friend-related items:

Last night, I found out that stud was visiting Seattle and had actually been crashing with Klar all weekend. stud’s about 1,000 miles into an approximately 11,000 mile bike trip around the country. You can find all the details, plus photos, at his tour-de-dude Yahoo Group. Of the pix, my favorite (and his as well) is this one, of… Well, you kind of have to see it to get the whole effect. Got to see the machine as well. That’s one tricked-out bike.

I have to say, I’d be dead meat even thinking about making such a trip, but it’s inspiring to see something like this in action. Go stud!

In other news, Vince has set up his new blog, articulate.babble. Not much there yet, but there’s sure to be good stuff there soon.

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