Pixelated reality

Well, since the pain hasn’t started yet, I can happily say that so far, this is the prettiest migraine I’ve ever had…


Digging it out


Spent twenty painful minutes today digging a subcutaneous splinter out of my index finger — ow ow ow. I’ve a hole in my hand to match the one in my arm, now.

Still hurts to do anything, including type* or draw, which is bad, because this is the third night in a row I’ll be at work past two in the morning. In a way, getting that splinter out is like my entire life right now, which means I haven’t had any spare time to spend writing here or posting photos — nothing in the way of creative thinking at all — but I think that things have finally turned a corner for the better.

I mean, I did manage to dig it out, in the end.

I’m just waiting to heal.

* so please forgive this short and rather unpoetic entry…


This is not about jalapeños

I’ve been so long without pain that I’d almost forgotten — not the twinges and tingles and needles that line my daily existence, but that dull seeping ache which leaks in & drives out all other feeling until there’s no longer a line between body and mind, but a single, white-hot flame that cannot be ignored. And oh, I am broken, broken, like Frida and her skeleton of wirework and nails—

But no, I’m not there yet. I can feel it beginning, and I’m afraid.

I had meant to write about fireflies.

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