A touch of fire


Today I have a touch of fire, and with it I have charred my body, my love and my own. There is nothing my hands can hold which cannot be unmade by flame.

Beware! Beware my touch! For it is indiscriminate and final.

  • Gail! Ow ow ow!

  • I found out the hard way that even after handwashing, putting in contact lenses AFTER handling jalapenos is akin to setting one's eyeballs on fire!!!

  • Oh, god, please no.

  • It's official:

    You're the new Plain Layne ;-)


  • Sorry to disappoint, Ana! But I think you're right.

  • Ana

    I _was_ going to say that it sounded very Sylvia Plath... then it turned out to be jalapenos. How disappointing. But less hazardous to one's health I suppose.

  • Well, I have that too. I just wasn't writing about it. ^^

  • Kallese

    but what I was really writing about was getting jalapeno all over my hands and then… ow. All over.

    Okay, but if you ever find yourself with an immolating touch, please let me know.

  • errr... like a sponge! That's what I meant.

    and if the gram-flour (besan) doesn't work, we can deep fry you and have Yuki pakodas for tea.

    So Kyle does a back flip and says:

    “absorbs oil like waterfoul around the Exxon Valdez”

    That's waterfowl.

  • So Vanlal turns around and says:

    "absorbs oil like a sieve"

    Whaaaa...? How about "absorbs oil like waterfoul around the Exxon Valdez"?

  • Did the aerogel work? If not, dust yourself liberally with gram-flour, absorbs oil like a sieve and therefore capsaicin.

  • On a lighter note: just be thankful it wasn't a habanero.

  • Lesson learned: When handling jalape単o (or similar) always wash your hands before touching yourself.


  • I don't believe for a second that this post was merely about jalapeño. You're simply not capable of being that non-allegorical, even when relating a "mere" case of capsicum burn.

    This only shows how inured your spirit is to the conveyance of concept and feeling, lyrically, through prose. Your words flow and shape rivers of depth and mystery. So many of us see the truth, yuki. We hunger for the day when you can truly acknowledge it as well.

  • The magic is gone. I want a blogger/commentor divorce. =P

    And all this time I thought you had become a living embodiment of "Disco Inferno".

  • Ummm, thanks guys, you're sweet and all... but what I was really writing about was getting jalapeno all over my hands and then... ow. All over.

    There, I've ruined the magic.

  • We need your touch to ignite the passion. To burn down the the cage that keeps inspiration bound.

    You need to touch us. And you do.

  • Indeed, as Kal indicates: what we truly are, endures; your touch perhaps is not so much immolation as purification.

    Consider that we all could use the burning pyre of truth, to set us even that much more free.

  • Kallese

    Take my hand, I could use some cleansing.

  • Ouch! When did you become the Human Torch?

    /me buries yuki in aerogel

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