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Peace Pagoda, Japantown

San Francisco Muni

[Tea candle]

South Sea Seafood Village

Woke yesterday in a haze of pain; as a result, did not make morning commitments, which I felt v. bad about. Limped around Japantown instead as I waited for my meds to kick in, a nice stroll but entirely too homogeneous; by the time I felt okay to walk again I’d missed my chance at the Art Deco exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor, which I’d had my poor heart set on. So it was quite sad.

Still, I visited Super 7 and picked up a lovely collection of sketchbook jottings (Fragments by Enrico Casarosa and Ronnie del Carmen) as well as some OGI stickers (portfolio 010 if you want to see which three). And perhaps it was best I stayed local because shortly thereafter a huge windstorm seemed to strike out of nowhere. I retreated into the hotel lobby, frightened a bit by loud, rattling doors and windows, and watched the poor koi swim worriedly under the courtyard pool’s turbulent waters.

One day simply I must visit San Francisco and just be a tourist. I’ve been to visit three times, but never unfettered. Anyone game? I’d like to see the sights, maybe do the whole Madeleine Elster/Carlotta Valdes tour: Legion of Honor, Palace of Fine Arts, Muir Woods, the Missions Dolores and San Juan Bautista… just please remember to save me when I jump into the Bay! Or perhaps best to keep it simple and just hit Ghirardelli Square, instead. Yum!

Next time, next time, next time.

  • teak

    Dude, I'm all about wandering around in San Francisco -- still my overall favorite city in the entire world. And over the years, I've taken so many different people on sightseeing tours in and around SF that at this point, I could probably start doing it professionally. So yeah, we should definitely do it sometime. :)

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