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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

Sure, I’d be reading it, but at this very moment it’s winding its slow way southward through the Canadian wilderness and will no doubt shortly be tangled up at U. S. customs. At any rate, it won’t be in my hands for a good couple of weeks at soonest, a casualty of my obsessive quest for matching spines (love those Bloomsbury covers!). After all, what’s a few days after three years of waiting?

This means that I wasn’t in attendance at any midnight book parties on Friday night, but not entirely for why you may think. I find the idea of late night line-ups for book releases to be somewhat absurd, definitely amusing, and I say that with full confidence that under other circumstances I’d be right there in line too. It would have been a blast to have been there. Problem is, standing in line without buying is rather awkward without camouflage, and both Potter fanatics I hid behind at the Goblet of Fire release (Grimm and Louis) have, sadly, long since left Seattle. Alas, no party.

So I’m still waiting. But there is hope for that impatient corner of my mind, with news from New York that B.’s just finished Order of the Phoenix, just under nine hours after pulling it from the hands of the FedEx driver. I suspect I’ll be sneaking a couple chapters during my visit next week!

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