Matcha Latte KitKats



Matcha Latte KitKats

Once upon a time, there were Matcha Green Tea KitKats, which will always be one of my all-time favorites. Then there were these. Finally, almost a year ago, I got a bag of minis at Uwajimaya that contained both Matcha and Matcha Latte KitKats, and (because I am nothing if not prompt) I’m only now getting around to writing them up.

(Sadly, I’ve completely forgotten everything about the KitKats with the reclining woman on the wrapping, so unless I find them again, that’s lost to history. However they tasted, I’m guessing they were far more glamorous, thin, and popular than me.)

The basic difference between the two flavors, which will become more relevant in a moment, is that the Latte KitKats were a whole lot sweeter than the non-Latte ones. Much too sweet for my taste*, in fact, and I do clearly remember thinking it was my least favorite of the four flavors from that day.

*As a total aside, this may come as a total surprise to you, but I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth. Now, I’m the KitKat lady. If you can figure out how that happened, let me know — I’ll hit you up for career advice.


Sakura Matcha Latte KitKats

So, parallels. In January, I reported on Sakura Matcha KitKats, which I noted were “nicely balanced, but far less memorable [than plain Matcha].” Well, it wasn’t very long afterwards that I found this box of a Latte variant at Candyland in Richmond, containing six pairs of mini-mini bars (the same form factor we saw with Takagi Strawberry Tartes).

Like before, the main difference is that these are noticeably sweeter, but this time it’s not actually a disaster: something about the sweetness brings out more of the grassy matcha notes against the cherry, making the flavor more distinct and pleasant. Still, I wish it weren’t quite so sweet. Enjoyment-wise, this is probably a wash with the non-Latte flavor, but in a much more attractive box.

Shopper’s alert: I just saw these today at Bellevue Uwajimaya, along with bags of Takagi Strawberry Cake mini bars (which I promise will be next). Grab them while you can!

More Japanese KitKats.

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  • So glad you posted this! These are the ones (Sakura Matcha Latte KitKats) that Kurii's Japanese teacher shared with her kids! She served them with a slightly bitter matcha: perfect.

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