In Chicago again, and the Viagra racecar mice have multiplied — three boxes’ worth.

Before flying out, B. surprised me with a new, very pretty cel phone, which I’ve been playing with all day. If you get an otherwise random-seeming phone call from me in the next couple days then you’ll know why!

Day one of potential New Year’s Resolution #3 (“eliminate processed sugars from diet”) ended in abject failure after I discovered that the happily gorged-upon dried cranberries from Costco are absolutely swimming in the bad stuff. Will attempt to start again, tomorrow.

  • Jen Davis

    That's the same as my new phone! Ain't it nifty?

  • Resolutions:

    nr-3 down.

    still two to go.

  • cheerful1

    For instance, I'm going to try to be a better proofreader, starting now...dang it.

  • cheerful1

    The good news is...there's aways NOW. Just because the 2 changed to a 3 doesn't mean you can't make a successful go at change...but avoid the cranberries in the next go...Toodles...Happy New You!

    - The cheerful one.

  • B.

    "Day one of potential New Year's Resolution #3 ("eliminate processed sugars from diet") ended..."

    Who would've guessed??? And it's not even New Year's yet.

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