Birthday, or the dragon


Quiet birthday yesterday, spent mostly at work. Before that had an expensive present as was forced to replace one fireball-spouting garage dweller with something new and non-lethal. Today I’ve treated myself to Royall Tyler’s new-ish translation of The Tale of Genji and Robert Graves’ of Suetonius’ The Twelve Caesars, and I plan to celebrate with a cup of hot tung ting jade and a comfortable seat, and let the dragon sleep.

Lunch this week’s been flavored with spoils from that day-off lunch trip to Salumi (hot sopressata — so yummy). Also, since I know you get all your potato chip-related news here (and you do, don’t lie), I feel I should let you know that Tim’s Cascade has a new, limited-edition* habañero flavor. The flavor is rich, not as bitter as the well-loved jalapeño, with a heat that sneaks in silently. Shared a bag with friends, and the previous consensus favorite (dill pickle) sat unopened and neglected. Seriously, they were that good!

Oh, and should I post more along the lines of “Trilogy”? I mean, since nanowrimo hasn’t been going so well…

* I’ve no idea what this really means, as the wasabi-flavored variety, reported on in January, seems to remain readily available.

  • Where did you get the Habanero? I've been striking out.

  • Loli

    Post again, already!

    I miss you (and Leslie).


  • Vanlal

    I agree with jdavid. That sounds decidely nasty. I hope nothing was singed?

  • Happy belated birthday!

    I read The Tale Of Genji about 5 or 6 years ago. It was a bit of a difficult read, but completely enjoyable. I think the one I read was a lot older as I had borrowed it from the library.

  • Happy belated birthday! :)

    And, yes, of course post more like the "Trilogy!"

  • it was your birthday yesterday?

    happy happy birthday to you!

  • j david

    fireball-spouting garage dweller? dragon? what the...???

    ...and by all means post more, mass hasn't even started yet...

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