Still here


I’m still alive, but please bear with me. My soul is in little pieces on the floor and I’m not sure who I’ll be once I’ve put them all back together.

In the meantime, you may not be aware of this:

[The Life Aquatic Sessions with Seu Jorge]

It makes me happy.

Confidential to Manuel ~ I found the habañero goodies at QFC.
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  • More Seu Jorge Bowie tunes! Had no clue - thanks for the plug.

  • What's going on? We're all ears.

  • hope you're ok. "soul in pieces on the floor" doesn't sound so good. :(

    but on the upside, isn't it lovely to see how many people care about you?


  • miranda

    When your life is reassembled you will be THE OWNER OF A BRAND NEW REBEL XT!! Congrats, sweetie! Have a good holiday season and hang in there... xo

  • Loli

    I gaze upon the the bits of mirror and brightly colored jewels scattered on the floor and and think that however Yuki is reassembled, the result will be something very rare and incredibly beautiful.

  • SB

    It is the season of darkness -- Solstice is soon, soon.

  • All of life is breaking apart and reforming.

    PS Thanks for the Seu tip. Just bought on iTunes.

  • Yuki, sometimes a soul is a bunch of little happy things just smashed together! Get well.

  • I...have some glue, if it'll help. ::hugs::

  • j david

    count me as there for you too!

    be well yuki

  • vanlal


    The Life Aquatic is great soul glue.

    Best wishes for the Holidays and the New Year.

  • pastilla

    Hmm. Is the soul in pieces, or merely the outgrown casing?

  • sue


    and a girly girl from new zealand willl be in seattle, september next year

    can you guess who?

  • sue

    sweet wonderful yuki

    know that you are much loved

  • Kallese

    No matter what, I bet you'll still be beautiful. Thoughts with you, Selvie.

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