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I’ve given myself a new creative outlet, discovered while I was out shopping for birthday party paraphernalia. Not sure if you’ll be familiar with “Square Stuf” notebooks by Mead, cute little hardcover 2.5” x 2.5” notepads with 200 sheets or so of unruled paper within, with very girly covers but to my surprise, the perfect medium on which to doodle or jot notes. Also cheap!

It’s small enough that you don’t feel like you’re committing to a long-term relationship when you start drawing on the page, but big enough to cram a lot of stuff in (at least with my beloved Sakura .20mm graphic pens). The size makes it easy to tote around for moments of sudden inspiration, while the hardcover makes it quite sturdy and gives the feel, if not look, of a keepsake. I have to admit a growing fondness for this particular design, though!

I’ll try to post scans if anything particular interesting ends up in the thing.

I’ve been noticing a trend when browsing the blogs of friends and acquaintances who are also doing NaNoWriMo. The word counts and optimism of early November have given way to a kind of desperate avoidance of the topic entirely as diminishing pace and writers’ block catch up to the dream. I’ve been there too, late nights with burning eyes, trying to type and having nothing but tears well up. The last two days have been really difficult, with little or no progress, and I almost thought about quitting the thing entirely. Remember those cold sweats back in college, when you knew you had a 2000 word paper due the next day but you hadn’t even done the reading yet? I’m starting to get those chills again. It’s not a good feeling.

It’s getting difficult to ignore the signs, but I’m still going to try and stick this thing out, both because of the promise I made to use all the fantastic suggestions I received, but more, because I’ve really had a lot of fun with these characters and story ideas in my head. Besides, I can’t end with less done than last year. If I’m going to go down, there’ll be some dignity involved.

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes! Yesterday was a good day, a very good day. Today, though… Now I feel old!

Direct quote from a birthday email:

Be happy, be healthy, be prosporous, be productive, and be reproductive. Love you always. Dad(with help from Mom in typing)

Also, since thoughts of aging and mortality go hand in hand (and thanks to Miranda), I took TheSpark.com’s death test. Looks like I have a good forty-two more Novembers to try and get that novel done!

  • GoGoGoGo



    You can do it!

    Go yukino, it's your birthday...

  • stealth

    Ok, it's been called to my attention that the Death Test doesn't tell you exactly how many years you have left but picks a pseudo-random date. Therefore, I can't assume that Scott's birthday is in two days. I suck.

    So I just took the death test myself. I'm going down on July 23, 2050 at 73. My most likely causes of death:

    Heart Attack: 27%

    Electrolysis: 14%

    Cancer: 10%

    Alien Abduction: 10%

    Third degree burns: 6%

    Horrible Accident: 5%

  • stealth

    Scott, that sucks. I guess having your heart turned around isn't pleasant in the least. But have a happy birthday in two days, assuming you haven't found that gun yet.

  • Good grief. If we go by that metric, I have 17 years and 2 days left.

    And for me, suicide outranks alien abduction OR alcoholism — ha! (Which is actually kind of scary, since my father died of alcoholism. Where's that gun again?)

  • Jim

    Damn. I took the Death Test, and it wasn't such a great idea.

    The good news is that my chances of dying of alcoholism are similar

    to my chances of dying by alien abduction.

    I've only got 30 years left, but I bet I could improve that by cutting out

    all the lighting firecrackers in my mouth and spitting them out at the last moment.

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