Red red rooibos

[Dragon rooibos]

Decided that today was high time to visit Teavana, the new tea store I’ve had my eye on at the local mall. Why aren’t there more places to shop for loose teas? Still, this one turned out to be just what the doctor ordered! Sampled several sips of aromatic goodness, before getting what has to be the most divine tea blend I’ve ever had — a 50-50 blend of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl (a green tea variety for when one mythical creature just isn’t enough) and vanilla-infused rooibos. Have constantly had a hot mug of it in hand ever since I got home, the sipping of which has left me v. calm and contented.

Have been on a rooibos kick lately, ever since Rav turned me on to a lovely strawberry infusion at a dinner party. Sadly it seems this variety isn’t readily available anymore (the closest thing at Teavana was a blend of strawberry-kiwi juice and vanilla rooibos, which was nothing like), but the plain South African red rooibos is a treat in and of itself when it’s available (and naturally caffeine-free and loaded with antioxidants!).

Also sampled: macadamia and “tropical” infusions, as well as “monkey-picked” oolong, an unfamiliar but wonderful flavor…

I love finding new and wonderful places to shop! So today is officially a success.

[But when, oh when will we finally see a LUSH in the Seattle area?]

On the health front, am feeling better but getting little sleep of late, as certain creative pursuits are occupying my time. Massive productivity is always satisfying, but at what cost..?

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  • Simran

    Hey great blog. Teaswan has the many herbal teas and health benefits teas.

  • paul

    I've been trying to proselytise the drinking of Rooibos at my workplace since I moved to the UK, but the English are very resistant to it. Surprising, because they'll happily drink any other old muck that calls itself tea. Personally, I don't like the vanilla flavoured stuff. I think Rooibos is best drunk black, with a little honey, as phoenix mentions above. Fun factoid: South African Rooibos could not be marketed internationally as Rooibos for a while due to a trademark dispute. Instead, importers had to spell it "Rooibosch", or the thoroughly utilitarian Red Bush!

  • They just opened a Lush on our block in NYC! We can bring you some goodies in June!

  • Feel free to come visit Naomi Leanne and myself, and make use of the Lush here.

    We used to have a Silk Road Tea Co. in town too. It might still be there, I'm not sure. If it is you could hit it up and do some comparison testing, or something.

  • oooh. Wonderful. I had a while there where I couldn't destress for the night without a hot cup of rooibos. If you haven't had it this way, it's excellent with a teaspoon of honey stirred in while it's still hot and nothing else in it; makes for a very herbal treat with a little sweetness. ^_^

    Also, I tend to love Honest Tea if you're into buying it bagged, but I have to admit I'm also a Tazo fan. Twinings for my Earl Grey, and Red Rose for a basic black. Any brands you like?

  • I've always bought my tea from Upton. Excellent selection, although admittedly online ordering.

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