Somewhere along the way, when the stomach is cramping and the chill that’s anchored itself in your marrow refuses to be warded off with any amount of clothing, you realize:

Nothing is worth being at work at 4 in the morning, and certainly not the prospect of doing it a fourth night in a row.

Therefore, sleep time, lovely readers! I leave you with some randomness:

zeitgeist poetry:

sexy sumo women!
japan, sticky, acquired
a man’s prostate gland.
rip to all:
livejournal balloons sex.

  • Loli


  • Loli

    Wow, you are going to have to work to bring up the quality of your zeitgeist after that! Well, at least you didn't have 'wet & wild weasel fun' score a hit.

  • TheCheerfulOne


    poor prostate....


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