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In general, I’ve been feeling really great health-wise; lately, though, my body has been attempting to tell me secrets I don’t want to hear, and in increasingly rude ways.

Was driving through Mercer Island a few days ago when I had a brief moment of dizziness, after which I lost all peripheral vision out of my right eye. All I could see in that area were indistinct bursts of color, almost as when — and this is something I used to do often, just to spite my second-grade teacher — I’d stared directly into the sun for several minutes straight. It was, however, exceedingly dreary outside, and after several minutes there was still no sign of improvement.

So I freaked out! Come on, it’s easy to think of horrible scenarios to explain symptoms like that, especially to a closet hypochondriac like me. Did manage to get home, though — and finally, my vision started coming back. However, at that point I started having the most excruciating headache ever, which pretty much left me incapacitated for the next several hours.

Verdict? After some poking and prodding, my doctor diagnosed it as a migraine. Well, I guess I know now what that feels like! Since it’s centered in my occipital lobe, my vision gets wonky. Everything about the diagnosis seems consistent with my experience, which does makes me feel better. I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be anything worse (time into appt before the words “br**n t*m*r” were spoken: 43 minutes), but I don’t relish the prospect of these being a recurring thing.

Also, I had my stitches taken out while I was there. Hm? Oh, for the other tumor I had removed from my right arm a couple weeks ago. Luckily (and as expected) that one was completely benign. But! Still!

To add insult to injury, a bee stung me as I left home yesterday, just above my right eye. Talk about gratuitous meanness.

I just want to get back to feeling better! Or, at least, a hug or something. Sigh.

  • James Majoros

    Hey, nothing to worry about...they are called aura headaches...

    I've had them for years...i've also had cluster headaches which are a hell of a lot worse.

    There's nothing you can really do. I find stress does bring it on. Drink lots of water, try to relax and get off the road the next time it happens...

    They usually last from 10 to 30 minutes.

    Indeed, look up Aura headaches for more info.

  • Oooh! I have had those. The vision thing is the worst and its always the precursor to horrible pain. I get them maybe once or twice a year and Exedrin is the only thing that works when that beast begins.

    Poor Selva. Ouch.

  • j david

    /me hugs yukino

    Opthalmic migraines suck! I've had a few (and aside from a sometimes interesting light show, they really are discomforting) and been through more than my share of MRIs, CATs, and other nasty diagnostics. They do NOT predict or make strokes more likely and they are NOT associated with t***rs. Sorry you've had a bad run of luck.

    I'm pulling for you!

  • Vel

    This reminds me of a while ago- it could have even been the same day, when my neighbour came by our place and told us- a bee had stung her on the right side

    of the neck. Luckily it happened on the way to her doctor. By the time

    she got there, her tongue had already started turnign numb and

    woodlike (as she is allergic to bees). Anyway, got some pills and all was ok, except the half a fist red lump on her neck.

    Mind you this happened the same week- of her false heart attack alarm (turned out to be some spasm caused by ice cold fruit comming into contact with her ulcer) and a friend of hers getting hit by a bycicle and breaking a rib. To tell you the truth - I was a bit scared of going out that week. There was something mean in the air!

  • Poor bee ... *hides*

  • (Ż`ˇ._(Ż`ˇ._(Ż`ˇ._( Hug )_.ˇ´Ż)_.ˇ´Ż)_.ˇ´Ż)

  • As I read this blog, I instantly thought, "She's having a migraine!" That was a classic description. Sorry you had it, but glad it isn't worse.

  • ::hug::

    Feel better soon, and keep some chewable excedrin in the glove compartment. Works wonders. :) ..not on bees though. Ick.

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