Thirty pages, day 1



I totally bought this to be my next sketchbook, because the form factor was perfect! Nothing to do then, but to produce some ill-advised  Mass Effect fan art, fifteen minutes’ worth. In the interests of tracking my growth, though, here it is.


How embarrassing! Looks like it’s time to re-learn some basic anatomy. Sigh. It’s a journey, right?

  • davidd

    Like metagnat, I tend to leave blank notebooks in the "full of possibility" state, as my sad version of reality never lives up to the possibilities.

    If I could "start out" with a "how embarrassing" sketch like you, I would have stacks of notebooks FILLED with coolness!

    Keep at it!

  • Frankly I find it better than the real thing. From what I recall, Mass Effect had no way to turn down the "butch dyke*" slider when I tried. Butch dykes are awesome and all, but not what I wanted to make. Sadly my turn at the character creator for Dragon Age turned out even worse.

  • Well... i don't know what to say! Thanks. I hope practice will make me better. And maybe able to draw feet.

  • sjon

    only a million times better then my deformed stick figures :blush:

    I think it's well done.

  • David

    It's a great drawing; far better than I could do. And it inspires me to break out my pens, too.

  • You make me want to cry with your 15 minutes of talent that I wouldn't be able to pull off in a year. :-D I love it.

  • Lori

    I like that the woman has physical proportions possible in nature. Unfortunately, this means you will never make it drawing comic books.

  • pastilla

    I like the drawing. She looks ready to help you on your journey.

  • metagnat

    I love new notebooks. They're full of possibility. Sometimes, I have a bad habit of leaving them that way.

    I recently bought a new sketchbook and colored pencils, but my art is abstract because I can not draw as well as you. I used to believe that was due to innate talent. Even though I now understand that practice can make me better, I never do.

    I also think that drawing is quite good.

  • Embarrassing? Not at all! I think it looks fantastic! Better than I could do, regardless.

    Sheesh - this makes me miss my drawing days. Keep it up!

  • Vanlal

    Quite good actually. I've been reading legacy so assumed you were drawing her in Imperial Knight armour.

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