Driving sideways


Hi! Server’s still flaky but I can at least get in through the back-door, or something. So I can stop and chat awhile.

Braved traffic, wind and rain to catch Aimee Mann’s outdoor set at the Woodland Park Zoo*, which was (as expected) wonderful. Not the wet and muck, but once we were safely squashed butt-to-butt on tiny, prudently-brought plastic baggies, there was tons to enjoy. Lots of old favorites, and a new song or two. Only wish it’d been longer!

[Aimee Mann Abstract]

Actually I took a bunch of photos where you can actually see what’s happening, but somehow I liked this one. Liquid light.

*total aside: they got zoo.org?! Lucky, lucky!

Regarding the last entry, it occurs to me that I’ve never really talked about flickr before. It really is the greatest photo-sharing service since the world began, and I’ve used more than a few.

Photosets are a recently added feature. Some favorites, so far:

Also, see FlickrBlog for more, and more often.

  • jan

    hi sorry to bother you but can you help - i have been trying to contact the help desk at flickr to get a new password as I have forgotten mine - and it has now been over a week - can you advise me on what to do as you are a fan. Many thanks.

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