Ohrwurm redux

A friend writes:

Ohrwurm” may become the German word of the year! “Kulturbeutel” and “Eisenbahnknoten” are some of the other contenders proposed by the Deutsche Sprachrat.

Further digging reveals the real story to be a search for the German language’s most beautiful word, sponsored by the Sprachrat. My personal favorite word auf Deutsch has always been “Augenblick,” which doesn’t seem to have made it to the finalists’ circle at all… but then, these are the people keeping David Hasselhoff’s musical career alive, so I’m not sure they occupy any kind of real aesthetic high ground.


Technical difficulties

Apologies for prolonged silence — server problems have and continue to make it difficult to update. Will return as soon as I’m able!

Here, look at some pretty photos.


Driving sideways

Hi! Server’s still flaky but I can at least get in through the back-door, or something. So I can stop and chat awhile.

Braved traffic, wind and rain to catch Aimee Mann’s outdoor set at the Woodland Park Zoo*, which was (as expected) wonderful. Not the wet and muck, but once we were safely squashed butt-to-butt on tiny, prudently-brought plastic baggies, there was tons to enjoy. Lots of old favorites, and a new song or two. Only wish it’d been longer!

[Aimee Mann Abstract]

Actually I took a bunch of photos where you can actually see what’s happening, but somehow I liked this one. Liquid light.

*total aside: they got zoo.org?! Lucky, lucky!

Regarding the last entry, it occurs to me that I’ve never really talked about flickr before. It really is the greatest photo-sharing service since the world began, and I’ve used more than a few.

Photosets are a recently added feature. Some favorites, so far:

Also, see FlickrBlog for more, and more often.


Peripherally speaking

In general, I’ve been feeling really great health-wise; lately, though, my body has been attempting to tell me secrets I don’t want to hear, and in increasingly rude ways.

Was driving through Mercer Island a few days ago when I had a brief moment of dizziness, after which I lost all peripheral vision out of my right eye. All I could see in that area were indistinct bursts of color, almost as when — and this is something I used to do often, just to spite my second-grade teacher — I’d stared directly into the sun for several minutes straight. It was, however, exceedingly dreary outside, and after several minutes there was still no sign of improvement.

So I freaked out! Come on, it’s easy to think of horrible scenarios to explain symptoms like that, especially to a closet hypochondriac like me. Did manage to get home, though — and finally, my vision started coming back. However, at that point I started having the most excruciating headache ever, which pretty much left me incapacitated for the next several hours.

Verdict? After some poking and prodding, my doctor diagnosed it as a migraine. Well, I guess I know now what that feels like! Since it’s centered in my occipital lobe, my vision gets wonky. Everything about the diagnosis seems consistent with my experience, which does makes me feel better. I’m glad it didn’t turn out to be anything worse (time into appt before the words “br**n t*m*r” were spoken: 43 minutes), but I don’t relish the prospect of these being a recurring thing.

Also, I had my stitches taken out while I was there. Hm? Oh, for the other tumor I had removed from my right arm a couple weeks ago. Luckily (and as expected) that one was completely benign. But! Still!

To add insult to injury, a bee stung me as I left home yesterday, just above my right eye. Talk about gratuitous meanness.

I just want to get back to feeling better! Or, at least, a hug or something. Sigh.



Just uploaded a new photoset to flickr:

Underworld is a collection of images of everyday things around my workplace, taken from new perspectives.

I think it turned out well — let me know what you think!


He lay in gaol

My friend Mike, who no longer lives above but still maintains Satan’s Laundromat, was arrested and jailed for thirty hours after Friday night’s Critical Mass protest in Manhattan. Very worrisome, though am glad he is now out and safe…

… and which would make me glad I’m not in New York, except — surprise! — I am. Not for long, though, and truth be told, I’ve barely been anywhere at all (have been running around NYC and lower New England like a headless chicken the last three days!).

Another photoset: Liquid Light: Wedding Variations

Oh, and Ellipse, dear: don’t think New Zealand will happen afterall. It appears that airlines don’t love me at all. :(



In a cosmic joke, I had hiccups for eight hours yesterday. This is a fate I wish on nobody, especially since it came on the heels of ten hours of airplane travel. By the time I was able to get to sleep I’d been up for twenty-six.

What takes the cake, though: waking up after something like that means a whole new kind of muscle soreness. I’ve got pain in places I didn’t even know existed.

Kind of hurts to breathe. I don’t feel right at all.

But at least I’m not hiccupping. I’ll take my blessings where I can.

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