Adult sweetness, part three



Otona no amasa Raspberry KitKats

Oh, look, another one? Surprise! The “Adult Sweetness” in these raspberry KitKats doesn’t come from a cookie center like other flavors in the line — these have wafers like regular KitKats do. Instead, in between the wafers are thick layers of tart, gooey raspberry jam. It gives these bars a toothsome quality which is really appealing and both the texture and flavor counterbalance the sweet coating nicely. I’m not the hugest fan of raspberries, but these may be the best KitKats I’ve had in a while.

Like the matcha flavor, these come twelve to a bag, and I found them in Uwajimaya in Bellevue. I only bring that up, because, you guys! There is a gigantic liquor store next door now. Which is relevant to my interests.

More KitKats.

  • I'm really glad to read some fresh KitKat reviews! ¬†Our local Mitsuwa doesn't have the selection that you have up there.

  • Oddly, this seems to be the two year anniversary to the day of the last time I got a raspberry-flavored KitKat, on my only ever trip to Mitsuwa.

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