Let’s go shopping!


Amazon.com’s hawking these Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn sets, and Ken-with-beard is really freaking me out. He looks like a drag king at a renaissance fair, and considering his anatomical configuration, well… Let’s just say he appears to be trying to make up for it with an awfully big sword.

Please, someone stop me before I buy this.

  • Ken looks more like Lorenzo Lamas than Viggo Mortensen! And Barbie... she looks like Morticia Adams...! But they look so happy together *sings the Turtles* :)

  • I found your site through a site that I found through another . . .you know how it goes . . . love your pics . . . and if you want fabulous yogurt Stonyfield Farms and Seven Stars Farm are "cream on top" yogurt and are seriously yummy . . . I usually only find them in health food stores . . my fave is the cherry vanilla :)

  • *THONK*

    Don't make me move my neck now...think even this thing needs a visit from the Fab Five...

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