Binge and purge


Somewhere around 6 p.m. in Manhattan, Minado sits alone at the top of my Japanese buffet pantheon. At a pricy $26 for a weekend dinner, you have your pick of crab cakes, oysters with ponzu, jellyfish or any number of hot dishes and/or sushi. All-you-can-eat uni! Now that’s decadence. East Buffet, your reign was sweet but short.

A year ago, wandering these snow-caked streets in horrible cold would have seemed nostalgic, but after the icy drama in Seattle this month it wasn’t quite so charming. Still, wandering around Union Square on a Saturday is always fun. Browsed through classical records at Academy (seems somehow wrong that so far this is the only used classical shop of note pointed out to me in Gotham — any suggestions?), and picked up a little something from five separate centuries: madrigals by Giaches de Wert, cantatas by A. Scarlatti and Handel, and a newly-released disc from Hélène Grimaud featuring music by Beethoven, John Corigliano and Arvo Pärt. Would love to have spent more than the half hour there that I did, though I fear it would have made a horrible dent in my pocketbook.

Truth be told, it’s been years and years since I bought classical music in any kind of quantity. I think it has something to do with the lack of people to chat with on obscure topics like the operas of Jommelli or the revitalized study of the French Baroque, or who made the best recordings of such-and-such a symphony or whatever. Which is somewhat depressing. But so is being broke! So it’s good that I SCARED YOU ALL OFF, RIGHT? NOBODY’S INTERESTED IN THIS STUFF. RIGHT?

Running away now.

  • Hey, I love classical. I just got a couple more classical CDs for Christmas. Of course, I'm still at the Carmina Burana and Misa Solemnis level, so I can't debate the finer points of Jommelli's operas, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like to!

  • teak

    All I can say is... be careful what you wish for. :)

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