Fat Kreme Combo


Jet came up with the idea of the Fat Kreme Combo back when Fatburger opened its doors in the strip mall down the hill, across from Krispy Kreme. It was a lot more gentle then, and only involved hitting donuts directly after burgers. We should have just done it, because that might have squelched the whole concept before it was allowed to morph into what it did.

e: “Wait, what?
j: “Take the buns off of a Fatburger and replace them with Krispy Kreme glazed originals.”
e: “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

That was a year ago. I was convinced it was a joke (seriously, yuck!), but others apparently thought the concept was “great,” and came up with variations on the theme. Freesia invented Krispy Shots, which were surprisingly okay. Jen reported an outing involving Krispy Kremes and In-n-Out burgers. Okay, gross!

Through all this, the Fat Kreme remained blissfully unexplored. Jet, the instigator, kept finding excuses not to do it, still insisting that it would be “awesome” when it did happen. I, of course, knew that it never would.

…until tonight, that is. Behold the creation in all its terrible glory:


You couldn’t have paid me enough to go near the thing, but I have to hand it to him: it wasn’t a joke. He ate the whole thing and, apparently, loved it.

Yes! I want to see ALL the photos!

  • Anyone who eats this should immediatly go in for angioplasty! and take out a large life insurance policy prior to ordering!

  • NERD

    Oh baby I'd eat that sexy bitch of a burger in a second.

  • yukino
  • Is someone counting the casualties?

  • yukino

    That actually sounds frighteningly good.

  • I propose the Kripsy Irish Carbomb:

    1 large glass

    1 half pint of Guinness

    1 shot glass

    1/2 ounce irish whiskey

    1/2 ounce bailey's

    1 krispy kreme

    Pour half pint of Guinness into large glass. Glass should be large enough to accomodate a krispy kreme.

    pour whiskey and bailey's into shot glass. Place in center of krispy kreme as indicated.

    Drop krispy shot into shot glass, and drink entire glass very quickly. Then eat krispy kreme.

    Enjoy and repeat.

  • Mmm. Krispy Shot.

    (Damn your screwy TrackBack, Yuki. I can't figure this shit out.)

  • Muppet

    My arteries hardened and I lost five years, just looking at that thing.

  • Well I can only think back to the inaugural entry of this blog and its reference to sausage donuts...

  • Loliinspired

    Between you and Kyle, I am starting to fear going to the northwest. Is there a veggieburger one?

  • yeuch! hope this one never makes it to italy!!


  • I feel sorry for the cholesterol level of the person that ate that. Damn.

  • Jim

    They'd have to be square, too.

  • Oh my God.

    Keeping it in the South, what about a Chick-Fil-Kreme? The crunchiness might well be irresistible.

    I have to say, though, that the Krispy Double-Double is a more idea compelling than the Fat Kreme.

    Does KK make mini-donuts to pair with White Castles?

  • yukino

    Fatburgers are constructed so that there aren't really condiments that stick to the bun, unless you get mayo or chili or whatever. The mustard is glopped on with the relish, which is all under the tomato/pickle layer which in turn is under the fried egg (yes, he ordered the egg!).

    On the bottom the burger pretty much sits bare on the lower bun.

    I have a stage-by-stage photoessay of the whole experience, but I'm trying not to look at pictures of this fiasco, so no telling if/when it'll ever go up.

  • What happened to the condiments? Were they scraped from the bun onto the donut, or were they lost in the transition?

  • I'd buy that for a dollar!

  • I think this is a piece of art. Maybe Jet can get a NEA grant.

  • *blorf*

  • Dude! Sick! Only a master of one's GI tract and sense of taste could even contemplate such an endeavor, let alone follow through with it.

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