Back into it


Have been trying to get back into writing creatively by attempting a snippet of fiction every week, a couple of which I’ve posted here already. They’ve been awful, I know — I’m still shaking the rust off. If you’d prefer I not post these excerpts, please let me know and I’ll stop.

I’d forgotten how much I loved writing, but wow is it distracting! Since starting this little creative exercise, I’ve found myself daydreaming about writing by light, and stressing out about not writing, at night. A brand new neurosis — just what I needed! The blogging’s suffered a bit too, because I feel guilty if I’m writing something and neglecting the other. It only figures, after having finally found a posting rhythm again.

Excuse me, I need get back into character.

  • Just keep posting, please.

    Those stories are beautifull.

  • Loliinspired

    Mr Dipple is the best fiction ever. I love when you post your writing, please don't stop.

  • yukino

    Still my favorite.

  • Jim

    More. Mr. Dipple.

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