Spring has sprung… a leak


A word to the wise: even a normal, working-order skylight is prone to springing a leak during pressure washing! Learned this fact earlier today when I woke up to the sound of washers tromping on the roof and discovered, to my horror, brackish fluid and pine needles streaming into the house from the ceiling.

White. Walls. White. Carpeted. Staircase.

Do you think anyone will notice if I paint/dye the entire interior of the house charcoal grey to match?

  • My god. Didn't you get to kick someone's ass for that? That sounds like an ass kicking offence to me. Isn't that an ass kicking offence?

    Wait. Wouldn't bleaching the effected carpet and repainting the effected walls be easier? Unless you figure going grey now will save you from having to bleach/paint repeatedly in the future. Might not be a bad idea in that case.

    Either way, there is an ass somewhere that, having failed to have been kicked, is gaining serious intrest charges on the kick owing.

  • No, I'm sure no one will notice.

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