Red bliss


Very enjoyable Sunday evening spent relaxing, snacking on Terra Red Bliss potato chips (v. yummy, with olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar), Pizzetti madrigali wafting from the speakers, and games of Literati with lovely friends. Before that, an elegant choral benefit auction that ended with an unexpected new toy in my grubby little hands, in the form of Adobe Photoshop 7. Please excuse me if I absent myself for a few days to lose myself in aesthetic indulgence!

The Pizzetti pieces, for those curious, are the Due composizioni corali (“Il giardino di Afrodite” and “Piena sorgeva la luna,” both settings of Sapphic fragments):

E di fiori di loto come a festa fiorisce il prato;
Esalano gli anèti sapore di miele.
The meadow celebrates with blooms of lotus flower;
And stalks of dill exhale the essence of honey.

The music is simply ravishing; hard to find but worth the effort! This particular recording was by The Esoterics.

Also getting a lot of play of late, besides the aforementioned Flamma Flamma: B.’s gift of Tori Amos’s Scarlet’s Walk, Pink Martini’s “Song of the Black Lizard” (yum, thanks Capodistria!), La Portuaria’s “Selva” (via Yogi or Mina, I’m not sure who!), and a whole lot of the Beatles (spurred on by the upcoming release of a sans Spector Let It Be — link via The Laboratorium).

Hey rosebaby! I blame you for this drip I.V. filled with Talking Rain Ginger Ale. Especially when I had just managed to get used to Nutrasweet (sigh).

Last year’s winner of the 5k, a little flash toy “based on a symbol-generating matrix created by [famed typographer] Adrian Frutiger.” Frutiger, of course, created the Univers type family, as well as the eponymous face that adorns airport signage around the world. That’s all irrelevant, by the way; just go play with the pretty toy!


  • mmmmmm. nice fresh cold GINGER ALE. granted, it's only my first of the day. MMMMM. you should have one... MMMMM. so good it's not even listed on their site! MMMmmmmm.

    have one today!

  • kyle

    The chips, indeed, are fantastic.

  • mojito

    very nice! thanks for posting the toys. have been meaning to tell you about a beverage I got in florida -- Selva, a "purple corn drink." it was confiscated before I got the label off! [have not been able to find online evidence of it.]

  • pixel

    I must find those chips! They look and sound yummy.

    Love the heart. :)

  • Loli

    Whee! Spent the morning downloading PS7 and making candy hearts. I will spend the afternoon pasting homemade valentines. Yay, Yuki!!

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