Hopper in India (33/365)



Three things:

1. It is a disaster that Top Foods/Haggen was selling pints of Häagen-Dazs ice cream today at $1.13 each.

2. Häagen-Dazs’ limited edition blueberry crumble ice cream is actually really, really good.

3. Omg, the nametag on the Transylvanian Ambassador’s desk on 30 Rock says C. Cjokula!

It’s totally disrespectful of me, but I can’t stop thinking the soda coolers in today’s photo look like grills. I put this all the way down here because I didn’t want to wreck the mood.

Worst. Entry. Ever.

tags: photo , project365

  • ... they do look like grills, huh.

  • If the soda coolers look like grills, then that one teardrop lamp under the eye looks like gang tattoo.

  • Suddenly this restaurant looks much more badass.

  • Emily Fickenwirth

    Ahaha - it's just unfortunate placement under the eyes. Although, in my opinion, it looks pretty intentional.

  • I know, right?

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